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Friendly reminder that nothing in your life can ever be as difficult as Mr. Ratburn’s 3rd grade class.


i had class with a taco today

i was trying to sneak a picture of him
so he got up and he was like, “at least get my good side”
so then this picture happened

#OOTD from Monday 2/25! πŸ’– oversized sweater - forever 21, chevron triangle necklace -, flare skirt & cross rights - a’gaci 😊
Feeling nostalgic when reminiscing my 15th birthday. Thank you. ❀
February 5, 2013

I was pretty pissed in the morning, but I guess I can go to school a little late than usual because of the CAHSEE. I just went to school & just chilled with Connie & some other people. Once the bell rang, Ms. Gonzales told us the rules & put our cellphones/electronic devices in a paper bag.

CAHSEE part 1, session 1 - It was pretty easy. I just got really bored half way through… Honestly, the essay part was pretty easy but I just BSed it.. Persuasive essays are the worst. LOL.

15 min Break - Ate that peanut butter bar thing. It was okay but too peanut buttery. Just went around & chatted!

CAHSEE part 1, session 2 - basic shit LOL

After the CAHSEE, I went on Rebecca’s phone and I saw a picture on Instagram showing the CAHSEE test that this dumbass girl posted on Instagram during the test & we weren’t suppose to take a picture of it… &+ people are saying that we have to retake it next Fall…

Lunch - Chilled with Connie. Basic stuff. Apologized to Kendrick.

4th Period - Discussed about gas laws… Pretty easy stuff.

3rd Period - Sat wherever & ended up being Kelly’s partner. :) We sat behind Tristan & Nathaniel… LOL

2nd Period - Ran the loop & discussed about the CAHSEE. Found out who snitched, & now we don’t have to retake it during the Fall! ^-^

1st Period - Watched a DVD about “what could happen if the Confederacy won the Civil War” Everyone was laughing about the ridiculous things that they say… LOL, freaking Tri kept laughing. &+ Brandon was being a dickface and squirted water in my face during the movie.

After school - Walked around the halls, waiting for my mom… Borrowed people’s phone. Then found Anna & she made me feel better! ^__^

Posted 5 Feb
Comfort food
πŸ˜‹ Doing @baninatinaa’s makeup for the VSA show!
Supporting my girl, @baninatinaa, for her dress rehearsal! 😘❀She literally looks like a princess.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Έ
January 22, 2013

I woke up super duper late…. 7:10, FUCK.

Period 1 - Late again. Lol, so we were supposed to have those pointless discussions about Kindred but instead, we just read our homework pages in Kindred. I forgot my book on my bed so I got -15 points.. A lot of did when I think about it…

Period 2 - So it was super cold but not as cold as the days before that but, we learned how to play softball and let me just tell you, there are so many rules. I had to bat and I got 3 outs. I blame Alan for the bad throws. >:D

Period 3 - So I practiced my Spanish “De nina”. Lawls, I went up first because I just wanted to get it over with. LOL, freaking Nathaniel was all like, “You should go up Phuong because you would set the expectations low and I’ll go up after you so the expectations will go high!” & after all the presentations, we all just chilled, did homework, and talk to others.

Break - Hung out with Thao & Ngoc!

Period 4 - Chemistry… Oh my gosh. LOL, so we took a quiz & I got -3 which was a 76%… I must improve!

Period 5 - Just a review sheet. I thought it was pretty easy but I forgot all about the properties…

Lunch - Hung out with Thao & Ngoc again! The whole time I was playing with Ngoc’s phone. Talk about the perks of an iPhone!! w/ 3G & INTERNET.

Period 6 - Oh my gawsh, I felt so overwhelmed when taking the unit 4 multiple choice exam. So much to read. x__x The most scared is that I’m scared my grade might drop down so much after taking the MC exam &+ my CCOT essay. There is no point in living anymore… :\

Overall, school is a drag.

Posted 23 Jan

ROTFL. compromising positions?
New Year Resolutions

I haven’t post on Tumblr for awhile due to school, homework load, & tiredness from studying! School is practically taking over my life but it’s not going to stop me from doing my New Years Resolutions!

I know it’s 20 days after News Years and I haven’t really came up with anything. I tried too during New Years but I was busy watching Youtube videos nonstop! :D I’ve been catching up on makeup gurus, dance gurus, & comedy videos as well! ^__^ I also been re-watching kdramas lately because I’m slowly getting back into Korean music + dramas… Heheh.

1. Being Productive!
Ever since high school started, I’ve seen friends & classmates getting busy due to clubs, sports, & of course school. I had piano for awhile & I quit right after Sophomore year started (which I regret) Lately, I’ve been trying to become more active in the club (Interact4lyfe), & re-joining tech crew. :D Yet, I’ve been lazy and watching Korean dramas & sleeping in when I have time, which I am not proud of. I mean, it’s okay once in awhile to do those things but despite that, I really want to expand my hobbies & keep myself busy. Like, trying to get into basketball & dance more.

2. Trying New Things
From 3rd grade to the beginning of sophomore year of highschool, I’ve been mostly on and off with piano. Honestly, I really loved piano with all my heart but I’ve always had a dyslexic problem with my right hand that made me gave up. When I think about the hardships I’ve went through due to my hand, it didn’t want me to keep pursuing on what I love. One bad experience ruined it all. As my Sophomore year passed along, I joined tech crew to do makeup on people, watching dancing videos and attempting on doing them by myself (which turned out horrible x)). I started realizing that there are so much in life that I love, not just piano. As much I wanted to keep pursuing my piano skills, I wanted to do so much in life. This is why I want to start getting into dancing, makeup, basketball, becoming a board member for a club, bento box making (heheheh), & basically trying new things!

3. Loving myself
Honestly, I was depressed, sad, & hurt due to losing most of my friends & school throughout my school years. I was never satisfied with people & I’ve hurt them… A lot. I started realizing that it was all my fault & honestly, I hated myself for it. I hated myself for a long time, honestly. I couldn’t help but crying & venting to my friends about it. I was tired and sick of myself stressing myself out over people who didn’t care about me… A week ago, there was a Facebook page called an “Admiration Wall” for our school, where students show their appreciation for their classmates and staff members. A few days ago, someone wrote about me on the wall, saying nice things, but one thing that caught my attention was the person saying, “Let’s just say, if you just love yourself and be yourself around people, people will learn to love you. How can you expect someone to love you when you can’t even love yourself, right?” And that was the time I started realizing that I was putting my agony on myself and not realizing that I have more people that care for me. I’ve always thought of society as bullshit because of the people I hang out with. I started to realize that I didn’t pick the right friends along. I’ve been backstabbed & I’ve backstabbed but ever since I lost them, I started hanging out with other people who care for me, actually TRUE friends. They don’t make myself hate myself due to guiltiness, but rather I can be myself around them and they won’t judge on the spot; instead, they make me love myself and they have accepted me. I was afraid of people judging my appearance and my personality but honestly, I’m sick of being afraid. So many people have told me, “Who the fuck cares how you dress, how you talk, how you act? Be your own person. As long as you know your limit, don’t give a single damn about them.” Thanks to that little message, I’m gradually growing onto it and taking it into consideration by loving myself the way I am! =)

4. Continuity of what I love!
As you may have known, I adore and love makeup! My goodness, it is my holy grail. x) I’m starting to grow on making my own makeup blog, perhaps make YT videos as well! I hope for the best though! As you may have known, I do makeup for people whenever they ask & hopefully I can make profit for it later on in the future! ^___^ & hopefully learn how to properly cook real food & continue to bake delicious desserts! =)

This year. I want to pursue on what interest me and not letting school be the only thing keeping me busy with my life. I’ve grown so tired of sleeping, crying, stressing everyday for the past 15 years of my life. It’s ridiculous of how long it took me to realize that. And I give props to my family & my friends for teaching me a valuable lesson about life. “YOLO so make it worth living!” ^__^

Posted 20 Jan